Save the street cats! (Strip x Cat Welfare x Mimipong)

What's New Pussycat?

Singapore’s Ministry of waxing, Strip, has launched a new campaign that seeks to garner monetary assistance and attention for the poor abandon pussycats that roams the streets of Singapore. Mimipong was commissioned to create 8 different cat plush set from the “A street cat named Desire” series for each of the Strip outlets in Singapore.

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire is a series of plush interpretations of stray cats, a common sight along the streets of Singapore. Tagged with the location from which they can be found, each plush is handmade to carefully replicate the unique markings of each individual cat. These sets are available for adoption at S$80 and part of the proceeds goes to the Cat Welfare Society to fund the sterilisation of strays. Each set consist of a Plush Cat, a pylon and a street sign.

You can also make a direct donation to the Cat Welfare Society , more information here.

click to view all the different sets.

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire

A street cat named Desire



  1. litin says:

    Kawaii!!! :D This is so cute!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Litin :)

  3. your work is so beautiful and what a great project to be part of. i am a cat lover x

  4. admin says:

    hey thank you, it was indeed an ideal project :) .

  5. Dandymandy says:

    I like how the theme/title is adapted from william’s play. Very very clever, and apt as well. :) Awesome work.

  6. admin says:

    thanks Dandymandy, actually my friend Riz came up with the title for me, i was looking for a right name for that project for a long time.:)

  7. tan says:

    I love these, excellent work and for a super cause, well done you! :) Have they all been adopted already?

  8. admin says:

    thank you :) im not sure actually….

  9. tan says:

    I bought the Beach Road kitty today at the Strip Cat-Tea Party!! :D I think Bedok North and Serangoon Road are my favourites, LOVE the detail. Bedok North reminds me of one of mine who passed away last year. :’|

  10. admin says:

    tan-:D ah you did! Bedok North is my fav too :) Sorry about your cat tho.

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xoxo Cherry


Cherry and I have been exchanging emails since Mimiscellany, I love her emails and all the pictures she has been sending acoss. It reminds me of youthful yesterdays having a pen-pal…without being subjected to my terrible handwriting! I asked if I could post one of them lovely emails because I just can’t contain the cuteness of her, her cat, and apartment to myself. Also the romance of  discovering the everyday life in a far away land…all the way in Buenos Aires!

How was your new year party?
I went to a (friend’s)house outside the city, and was very fun! It is a hot summer and we swam in the pool a lot.
This is me, drinking a pineapple cocktail.

I love Kitsuné! so much. It’s very cute.
I have only one cat, Nyu! She does some cute things, like early in the morning when she plays with her plastic mouse…
I like the attitude of cats very much .
Her name is Nyu, because of a character of the anime called ” Elfen Lied” Have you seen it?

Diego(My boyfriend) and I are planning to visit Europe during May and June
His brother lives in Barcelona… We bought the flight tickets last week.
Do you go to vacations?



Sketch of A Swan

Sketch of a Swan

MimiPong’s first jewellery collection.

24k Gold plated with enamel colours.

Exhibit A- Mimiscellany

Mimiscellany 8 Dec -31 Dec

Capturing Happiness- ‘Tears of Joy’ plushies were sent out to visual artists visual artists Johanna Tagada (Berlin), Gabbi Kræpelien (Sweden), Cherry Cereza (Buenos Aires), Polka Ros (Tokyo) and Messy Msxi (Singapore) to document their moments happiness.

Mimiscellany happens right now at the Little Drom Store till 31th Jan.


8 Dec 2011 – 31 Dec 2011
A showcase of specially-selected MimiPong projects, including collaborations with visual artists Johanna Tagada, Gabbi Kræpelien, Cherry Cereza, Polka Ros and Messy Msxi.

MimiPong is having a showcase this Dec 8th, the kind folks of The Little Drom Store suggested this in Oct and I decided to go along with it and see what fun I can put together.
It is going to be a small showcase but I have invited a bunch of really talented artist whose work and/or blogs I love and I am excited to show what they are going to contribute(I have not seen most of the entries yet!)
Look out for the next post for more to be revealed.

It has been quiet on this blog, lets blame this on the new facebook page, instagram and a new project that going on in my life right now. I am trying to put up a back log of some good things that has happened in the past month. So more to come!

(Static DM 1)

(Static DM 2)

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

Bring your odds, ends, bits and bobs everywhere with you in these geometric pouches. Each pouch has ‘(You) & (Me) against the world’ satin stitched with colour clashing zip and linings. Available at Rockstar and our shop.

To have & to hold

Maison Martin Margiela Line 11 / Folded Clutch

I tend to horde favorites for a long time, this is especially true for certain element or material.

Maison Martin Margiela Line 11 / Folded Clutch

Maison Martin Margiela Line 11 / Oversize Clutch

and Beige or Nude leather
Bless Traveling Bag

Bits x Pieces =♥

Sabine Timm

Pretty bits and lovely pieces I have seen today

Sabine Timm

Weekday Carnival

Studio Fludd

Clëmence Joly

Walking on cloud nine

Walter Van Beirendonck / SS12



Gobsmacked by Walter Van Beirendonck / CLOUD #9 SS12 collection for very obvious reasons.

Van Beirendonck, handsome beard and pretty mint suit.

Win a bag of comfort and joy

MimiPong x Fine Little Day Giveaway

For the unfamiliar, Elisabeth Dunker is an artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.
She shares her daily life with lovely images of  her work, family & home in Sweden. I love her aesthetics and  it can be part of your own homes with Elisabeth’s line of  products here. What I enjoy most however are glimpses into her country house and their pretty wallpapers.

We are doing a little give away on her blog now, comment here to win a bag of comfort and joy.

Like us on FB to be updated with news and products.

For mangled hearts?

Shop till you Drop Magazine

Our Hug Your Sorrow tear dolls are part of a cute little feature by Aussie’s Shop till you drop Magazine

Thanks Lisa Patulny! I love what you have put together here!